Keeping Your Family Car Clean

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Car Clean

There’s no nice way to say this, so here goes. Kids are messy. You love them to death, but they don’t help you keep anything nice. Your house, furniture, carpet, and cars don’t look as spotless or nice as when it was just you and your spouse. Here are ways that you can keep your kids from tearing up your car, and help it looking sharp for many years to come.

Restrict the Types of Snacks in the Car
Potato chips, fries, and gum stuck, and caked into your car’s upholstery will drive anyone insane. Try to stick to snacks that won’t stick to the car or get stomped into a million pieces. I know this is a hard one!

Only Allow Water in the Car
Have your kids ever poured pop in the cup holders in the back seat and not told you about it? Or maybe they’ve spilled pop or other sticky drinks on the seat or on the floor, and tried cleaning it up by smearing it into your cars upholstery.

Getting these stains out can be aggravating because of the rigorous workout and words being muttered under your breath. Spills are going to happen. That’s just one of the fun parts of raising children. You can prevent what type of spills happen in your car by only allowing water in your vehicle.

Put a Blanket Under Their Car Seat
A temporary solution might be for you to put a blanket where they sit. You will be able to take the blanket out of your car and shake it off. While this is only a temporary fix, it does work quite well.

Invest in Seat Protectors
Investing in seat covers will help keep your car seats looking brand new. Seat protectors are great because if you decide to sell your vehicle, you can just peel back the seat protectors and not have too much work ahead of you.

Have Them Help Clean Out the Car
There’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding for you as a parent than having your kids clean out the car they helped to destroy. You will want to assist them of course, but they need to learn to appreciate what is theirs and this is a great way to start.

Here are a few ways to help prevent your kids from messing up your car. Did you find these tips helpful? What other ways do you keep your kiddos from tearing up your car?